The reason that they remove nitrogen from the soil is because the wood starts to slowly rot down, and it needs nitrogen for that process. You need to lay it about 5cm deep, so check your measurements to make sure you buy enough material to cover the desired area. I am interested in using bark or wood chip to help suppress weeds, but am wondering what effect it will have on bulbs that are yet to grow? NEW approx 1500ltr Super Jumbo Bag available! It seems to happen when mulch is badly stored, and these compacted packs of wood chippings are a particular risk when they are damp, as ours were. I'll.try tomorrow to get something in writing from the supplier. If you use bark chippings for pathways, lay a membrane between the soil and the chippings. Hi, You say fresh clippings draw the nitrogen from the soil. I would agree with Verdun that the bark chippings aren't likely to be toxic - any such problem would have been highlighted a long time ago considering how much bark chippings are sold. Length (m) X Width (m) = amount of rolls needed. I hope this helps! Bark and wood chips do compost down, but it’s a slow process and you shouldn’t need to top up often. THankyou. All rights reserved. is this bark safe for chikens,to walke on? Notify me when this product is available: I agree to receive emails. A layer of chippings will also protect plant roots from frost damage in winter or scorching sun in summer. Privacy Policy. I have now found a couple of US websites discussing "toxic mulch" (google it). Does it not depend on where you are sited ? Again, make sure the chippings are not fresh or they will draw out all the nitrogen in the soil. For bark to be classed as Play Bark, it must have been tested to comply with the standard: BS EN 1177:1998. I rang Hedges Direct, who said that bark chippings can cause problems, as the wood may have been treated with various chemicals, which get absorbed by the plants. These 5 - 50mm pine bark chippings will suppress weeds and feed the soil, whilst also smartening up shabby beds and borders. We recently had a large poplar in our garden cut down to a manageable size and I’m planning to hire a chipper and spread it across the borders as mulch. Planting a hedge is quite a big undertaking. Even if it goes down to 2 tonight as predicted, the temperature shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for your comment. Thanks for the information! Bark and wood chips also look great when you glimpse the tidy spaces between shrubs and plants in a border. About a week ago we put a mulch of bark chippings (Verve, from B&Q) around them to suppress weeds. Bark can degrade over time, so you should replenish it every 2 to 3 years or when it begins to break down into dust.

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