In the mood for a sprawling Russian novel? The San Diego Padres burned a copy in the Astros’ locker room when Bouton came through town with the team. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, A-Rod: You Should Get Back Together With Baseball, This Novel Will Soothe Your Football-Loving Soul, Tyler Herro's Snarl Told 2020 to F*ck Right Off, Delonte West's Story Shows We Need to Do Better, The Unspoken Icky-ness of Fantasy Football 2020, Katie Ledecky Explains That Chocolate Milk Video, Paul Rabil's Future Hinges on This Moment, America, This is Your 2020 MLB Season, in Photos, The Real Reason for the Redskins Name Change. Baseball.”, The story is told many of the hilarious -- and occasionally true! And you can start to understand the important intersection of baseball and society, shown through the end of an older era and the beginning of a new era. 1. This isn’t a perfect book about the Hall of Fame. When it comes to discussing the best baseball analytics books, it is ironic that the modern adoption of analytics in baseball came from a baseball analytics book: Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis.. Beyond the intimate detail of the “fix,” this story delves into the player-owner relationship, the birth and role of the Commissioner and the lasting societal impact that the scandal left by the politics of it all. You also agree to our Terms of Service. (I have no doubt years from now, when it’s properly “seasoned”, Jane Leavy’s Sandy Koufax – A Lefty’s Legacy will join that list.). Who can't relate to that? Schwarz offers a definitive history of stats in baseball, running from Henry Chadwick to Joe Sheehan. It came from an unusual source, with author Michael Lewis having written primarily about Wall Street and never baseball before connecting with Billy Beane and company. Jane Leavy interviewed more than 600 people and recounted her own experiences with the famed New York Yankees slugger to create the best baseball biography anyone’s done. Fred Lieb wrote about baseball from the early 1900s until his 1980 death. Honig was not so fortunate in his pursuit of the old ballplayers. A social history as much as a baseball one, Halberstam's engrossing book sets the last gasp of the Mickey Mantle-era Yankees (and the triumph of a young Cardinals team powered by black stars like Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, and Curt Flood) against the civil rights struggles of '64. He gave all the royalties he made on the book to the players he interviewed and their widows. -- Anthony Castrovince, "The Bronx Zoo" by Sparky Lyle and Peter GolenbockI read this book somewhere around the age of 13 and was intrigued by the behind-the-scenes look at baseball. Though it did not achieve a New York Times bestseller status as Veeck as In Wreck did (15 weeks in 1962), Ball Four (17 weeks in 1970) and The Boys of Summer (24 weeks in 1972) all did, The Glory of Their Times was nevertheless a huge success, critically acclaimed to the point the folks at Macmillan urged Ritter, who died at 81 in 2004, to do a second volume. Joe DiMaggio refused to even shake Cramer’s hand during the five years he spent working on the book. Al Stump, who collaborated with Ty Cobb near the end of his life on an autobiography, made him out as arguably the worst person in baseball history with a magazine article shortly after his 1961 death. “But I think the reason it was so well received was because it showed ‘here’s this great baseball team and how human they all were.’ It was a slice of life people could really identify with. Peterson also followed up on a plug Ted Williams made in his 1966 Hall of Fame induction speech for Satchel Paige and others to be admitted into Cooperstown, with Peterson including an epilogue with a similar plea. Have a young fan around? -- yarns that Uecker spun on stage as an opening act for trumpeter Al Hirt. A veteran baseball writer and editor explores the world of books about baseball through interviews with today's best baseball authors. "Moneyball" by Michael LewisYears before legions of research-and-development staffers were hired around MLB to pore over TrackMan and Rapsodo tables and run complicated search-and-sort queries on mounds of data, conventional wisdom still largely prevailed in the decision-making of Major League front offices, thanks in large part to the well-established inertia of tradition in the game. Esquire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. In a foreword to a 30th anniversary edition of The Hidden Game of Baseball, John Thorn wrote that a baseball encyclopedia had been the original idea. Anyone who wants a primer on baseball’s history of troubling labor relations should start with John Helyar’s master work. Inspiring Baseball Books for Beginner Readers Batter up for great tales that celebrate the spirit of this national pastime. "If you love the writing of Dave Eggers or Augusten Burroughs, you just may love Cardboard Gods,” reviewer Wally Lamb wrote. Such a book doesn’t exist. The rest is history. “I kept on him about it. Subject. The best baseball writing is the writing that best captures the enormity of the sport. On the morning of September 29, 1954, Hano, who lived on the west side of Manhattan, finished his breakfast and declared to his wife that he had decided to go to the first game of the World Series, between his beloved Giants and the Cleveland Indians at the Polo Grounds. These were real things that happened to a lot of people. Larry was a college professor, not an author. He called me on the phone and screamed at me and I’ve never heard from him again.”. Still writing for the publication at 95, Angell’s a treasure for the baseball world and got a well-deserved spot in the media exhibit at the Hall of Fame in 2014. From his upbringing in the Bay Area to his remarkable career with the Yankees to the end of his life, I became more fascinated than ever by "Joltin’ Joe." Then one summer, tape recorder in hand, he embarked on what would be a more than 75,000-mile trek around the country, accompanied by his young son, gathering stories from these ballplayers from the past, preserving baseball history. A Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter during the Vietnam War, David Halberstam began writing baseball books in the 1980s partly to interview old players. -- Adam McCalvy. Message Jun 25, 2019. Radical ideas have brought new life to the sport for a century-and-a-half. Read. Why is The Book ranked well below The Hidden Game of Baseball? -- Joe Trezza, "Joe DiMaggio: The Hero’s Life" by Richard Ben CramerFew people have lived a more interesting life than Joe DiMaggio, and it turns out, I only knew a small part of his amazing story. “Roger and I had maintained a friendship all through the years and we talked frequently on the phone,” Erskine related, “but when I read that passage about Jackie in that last book, which Roger writes came indirectly from (former Dodger GM) Buzzy Bavasi and O’Malley, both of whom were long dead, I was outraged he would do something like that just for sensationalism to sell the book.

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