Do you think, since you demand I return her, that I’ll sit here without a prize while you keep yours? For Agamemnon the king shows disrespect, arrogantly seizing his rightful prize. Others, who’ll honour me, are with me: Zeus, above all, the lord of counsel. I am disgraced indeed, by that son of Atreus, imperious Agamemnon, who in his arrogance has seized and holds my prize.’, Tearfully, he spoke, and his lady mother heard him, in the sea’s depths, where she sat beside her aged father. That she will go to Zeus and seek justice. No, for your pleasure, you shameless cur, we followed to try and win recompense, for you and Menelaus, from the Trojans. Translated by A. S. Kline © Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved. Chryses, the father of Chryseis, pleads for her return but Agamemnon denies the plea. She has been captured by the Greek general Agamemnon. He goes back to his ship and refuses to fight with the Achaens (greeks) because of the great dishonor. The Iliad Homer Book 1 Rage—Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus' son Achilles, murderous, doomed, that cost the Achaeans countless losses hurling down to the House of Death so many sturdy souls, great fighter's souls, but made their bodies carrion feats for the dogs and birds and the will of Zeus was moving towards its… But, angered still, the son of Peleus, once more turned on Atreides with bitter taunts: ‘You drunkard with a cur’s mask and the courage of a doe, you’ve never dare to take up arms and fight beside your men, or join the Achaean leaders in an ambush. Please refer to our Privacy Policy. Yet they listened to my words, and followed my advice. My hands bear the brunt of the fiercest fight, but when the wealth is shared, yours is the greater, while I return, weary with battle, to the ships, with some small fraction for my own. And now you prophesy to the Danaan assembly, claiming the far-striker troubles them because I refused fine ransom for a girl, Chryses’ daughter, and would rather take her home. But now my heart fears silver-footed Thetis, daughter of the Old Man of the Sea, has swayed you; for she knelt by you at dawn and clasped your knees. Then they cast out the anchor stones, made fast the hawsers, and leapt on shore. So he prayed, and Phoebus Apollo heard him. Her, I shall not free; old age will claim her first, far from her own country, in Argos, my home, where she can tend the loom, and share my bed. You bear no guilt, only Agamemnon, who sends you here for Briseis. Though the camp was busy with all this, Agamemnon did not forget his quarrel with Achilles, or his threats, and he summoned his heralds and trusty attendants, Talthybius and Eurybates, saying: ‘Go to Achilles’ hut, seize the fair-faced Briseis and bring her here. When they had offered their petition and scattered grains of barley, they drew back the victims’ heads, slit their throats and flayed them. If he refuses to release her, I’ll go in force to fetch her, and so much the worse for him.’, With this stern command, he sent them on their way, and unwillingly the two made their way along the shore of the restless sea, till they came to the ships and huts of the Myrmidons. Because his daughter Chryseis had been taken as plunder by Agamemnon in an earlier raid and he wanted to get her freedom by offering a ransom, No, he refused to let Chryseis go and threatened to kill Chryses. Apollo, the son of Leto and Zeus, angered by the king, brought an evil plague on the army, so that the men were dying, for the son of Atreus had dishonoured Chryses the priest. Of all the god-beloved princes here you are most odious to me, since war, contention, strife are dear to you. If you have power, come now, to your son’s aid; ask help from Zeus on Olympus, if ever you warmed his heart by word or deed. So they banqueted all day till sunset, missing nothing of the shared feast, nor of the lovely lyre Apollo played, nor of the singing Muses, who answered each other in sweet harmony. Their work done and the meal prepared, they feasted and enjoyed the shared banquet, and when they had quenched their first hunger and thirst, the young men filled the mixing-bowls to the brim with wine and pouring a few drops first into each cup as a libation served the gathering. According to a tradition mentioned by Eustathius of Thessalonica, Chryses and Briseus (father of Briseis) were brothers, sons of a man named Ardys (otherwise unknown). After a plague caused by an oracle of Apollo devastates the troops, Agamemnon is forced to return Chryseis to her father. He rained down arrows on the Greeks for 9 days killing many Greeks. But then soft-spoken Nestor rose, the clear-voiced orator of Pylos, from whose tongue speech sweeter than honey flowed. You may accept or manage cookie usage at any time. He set down by the ships, and fired a shaft, with a fearful twang of his silver bow. These the old man burnt on the fire, sprinkling over them a libation of red wine, while the young men stood by, five-pronged forks in their hands. The Greeks called out their wish, to respect the priest and accept the fine ransom, but this displeased Agamemnon who sent him packing, and with a stern warning. What wealth is there in common, now we have shared our plunder from the cities which cannot be reclaimed? Then Chryses raised his arms and prayed on their behalf: ‘Hear me, God of the Silver Bow, protector of Chryse and holy Cilla, lord of Tenedos. Goddess, you swiftly summoned, to high Olympus, the hundred-handed monster whom gods call Briareus, and men Aegaeon, mightier than his father Poseidon; and you saved Zeus from those bonds. Go now, before she notices, while I think the matter through. Then far-striking Apollo sent them a following wind, and they raised the mast and spread the white sail. eu:Krises I have never seen the like of them since, men such as Peirithous, and Dryas, the people’s Shepherd, Caeneus, Exadius, godlike Polyphemus, and Aegeus’ son Theseus, one of the immortals. Indianapolis ;Cambridge: Hackett, 2007. {{Characters in the Iliad as well as the odysseuy. Although not talked of in the Iliad, later writers tell of Chryseis being returned to her father whilst already pregnant by Agamemnon. Homer’s address to the Muse begins the idea that the Iliad is a poem inspired by the gods, an epic undertaking that will retrace a myth already well known to Homer’s ancient Greek audience. Apollodorus' Library and Hyginus' Fabulae: two handbooks of Greek mythology. He called for Calchas a great prophet to tell them why the arrows were raining down on them. Often I heard you, in my father’s halls, claim proudly that you alone of the immortals saved Zeus, son of Cronos, lord of the storm, from a vile fate when those other Olympians, Hera, Poseidon, and Pallas Athene, planned to bind him fast. This work may be freely reproduced, stored, and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. es:Crises de:Chryses Allow the Trojans to win all battles while Achilles is not fighting. His mind raves destructively, indeed, and he fails to look behind him or foresee what might save his Achaeans in the coming fight beside the ships.’, At this, Patroclus obeyed his order, and leading fair-faced Briseis from the hut, handed her to the heralds, who returned beside the line of Achaean ships, with the unwilling girl. Does Achilles give up Briseis without a fight? In order to save his armies Agamemnon has no choice but to return Chryseis back to her father and for compensation demands Achilles war prize, Briseis, whom which Achilles is in love with. Chryses prayed to Apollo, and he, in order to avenge the cause of his priest, sent a plague sweeping through the Greek armies, and Agamemnon was forced to give Chryseis back in order to end it. But Thetis, still clasping his knees, clung to him and pleaded again: ‘Make me this promise faithfully, and nod your head, or else refuse, for I am powerless, then I shall know how little I am honoured here.’, Zeus, the cloud-lord, deeply troubled, said: ‘This is a sorry business, indeed, and you will force a quarrel with Hera. In Greek mythology, Chryseis (/ k r aɪ ˈ s iː ɪ s /, Ancient Greek: Χρυσηΐς, romanized: Khrysēís, pronounced [kʰrysɛːís]) is a Trojan woman, the daughter of Chryses.Chryseis, her apparent name in the Iliad, means simply "Chryses' daughter"; later writers give her real name as Astynome (Ἀστυνόμη). After he killed Thoas, Chryses went to Mycenae with the statue of Diana still in perfect shape.[2]. el:Χρύσης She sank in front of him, clasped his knees with her left arm, raised her right hand to touch his chin, and so petitioned the son of Cronos: ‘Father Zeus, if ever I helped you by word or deed, grant me this wish, honour my son, who is doomed to die young. And here’s another thing for you to think on: I’ll not raise a hand to fight for the girl, with you or any other, since you only take back what you gave. At once she goaded Zeus, Cronos’ son: ‘What immortal has sought your counsel, arch-deceiver? Stewart, Michael. If ever there is need of me to save the Greeks from disaster, let them bear witness to this before the blessed gods, mortal men and that shameless king. There the Sintians ran to nurse me from my fall.’. For all my pain, there’s no way I could help you, the Olympian is a tough antagonist to face. It’s ever your delight to work behind my back, and make all your decisions in secret. Apollodorus' Library and Hyginus' Fabulae: two handbooks of Greek mythology. Whoever it is, he’ll be angered. I advise my mother, who herself knows this is best, to make peace with our dear father, Zeus, lest he reprimand her again and our feast be ruined. What does Nestor, the oldest Greek cheiften want Agamemnon to do with Achilles? It’s intolerable you two should quarrel over a mortal, and set the gods at odd with one another. So ended their meeting, and Thetis plunged from gleaming Olympus to the briny deep, while Zeus left for his palace. He killed Thoas after finding out that the son of Chryseis, called "younger Chryses," was also the son of Agamemnon. Where does Achilles go after Agamemnon takes Briseis? What did Achilles do on the 10th day of the arrows from Apollo? But why not consult some priest, some prophet, some interpreter of dreams, since dreams too come from Zeus, one who can tell why Phoebus Apollo shows such anger to us, because of some broken vow perhaps, or some missed sacrifice; in hopes the god might accept succulent lambs or unmarked goats, and choose to avert our ruin.’, He sat down again when he had spoken, and Calchas, son of Thestor, rose to his feet, he, peerless among augurs, who knew all things past, all things to come, and all things present, who, through the gift of prophecy granted him by Phoebus Apollo, had guided the Greek fleet to Ilium. No horse or cow of mine have they stolen, nor have my crops been ravaged in deep-soiled Phthia, nurturer of men, since the shadowy mountains and the echoing sea lie between us. But we can ponder all of that later; for now, let us launch a black ship on the shining sea, crew her, and embark creatures for sacrifice and this fair-faced daughter of Chryses too. Bright-eyed Achaeans in a fast ship are bearing the girl to Chryse with offerings for the god; while heralds have taken from my hut another girl, Briseis, my prize from the army, and led her away. And at sunset as darkness fell, they lay down to sleep by the ships’ cables, and when rosy-fingered Dawn appeared they sailed for the distant camp of the Achaeans. What though the immortal gods made him a spearman; does that give him the right to utter such insults?’, Achilles then interrupted, saying: ‘A coward, and worthless, I’d be called, if I gave way every time to you no matter what you say. The significance of Agamemnon's actions lies not in the fact that he kidnapped Chryseis (such abductions were commonplace in the Greek world) but in the fact that he refused to release her upon her father's request.

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