“That was going to be the idea for the full tour anyway so we thought, let’s bring that element to the show. Anthony Paul Jefferies is known as Nineteen85 is a famous Canadian record producer, musical artist, and songwriter. By Nathan Slavik. ","url":"/content/dam/thestar/entertainment/music/2020/04/30/toronto-art-director-mihailo-andic-has-worked-with-popular-acts-like-partynextdoor-and-migos-his-advice-to-peers-during-covid-19-is-to-create-and-collaborate/mihailo.jpg","sizes":{"1:1":{"small":"https://images.thestar.com/snQejuk0f2fksU8X1gr0HHMfgUA=/100x100/smart/https://www.thestar.com/content/dam/thestar/entertainment/music/2020/04/30/toronto-art-director-mihailo-andic-has-worked-with-popular-acts-like-partynextdoor-and-migos-his-advice-to-peers-during-covid-19-is-to-create-and-collaborate/mihailo.jpg"},"3:2":{"small":"https://images.thestar.com/0kzzG6Q2aEI7B05by-E_ft1mYuo=/114x76/smart/https://www.thestar.com/content/dam/thestar/entertainment/music/2020/04/30/toronto-art-director-mihailo-andic-has-worked-with-popular-acts-like-partynextdoor-and-migos-his-advice-to-peers-during-covid-19-is-to-create-and-collaborate/mihailo.jpg","medium":"https://images.thestar.com/S2_ICmEfekOH7IoquUe4n-OygOk=/330x220/smart/https://www.thestar.com/content/dam/thestar/entertainment/music/2020/04/30/toronto-art-director-mihailo-andic-has-worked-with-popular-acts-like-partynextdoor-and-migos-his-advice-to-peers-during-covid-19-is-to-create-and-collaborate/mihailo.jpg","large":"https://images.thestar.com/omKkGKhi7K77MgE4Wg_nu2ubc2k=/690x460/smart/https://www.thestar.com/content/dam/thestar/entertainment/music/2020/04/30/toronto-art-director-mihailo-andic-has-worked-with-popular-acts-like-partynextdoor-and-migos-his-advice-to-peers-during-covid-19-is-to-create-and-collaborate/mihailo.jpg"},"21:9":{"large":"https://images.thestar.com/W5emoIe2zenNyHabSruH9g4PL8w=/1080x460/smart/https://www.thestar.com/content/dam/thestar/entertainment/music/2020/04/30/toronto-art-director-mihailo-andic-has-worked-with-popular-acts-like-partynextdoor-and-migos-his-advice-to-peers-during-covid-19-is-to-create-and-collaborate/mihailo.jpg"}}},"labels":{"section":"Music","trust":null,"special":null},"enableConversations":false,"enableLivechat":false,"publishedepoch":1588251600000},{"url":"/entertainment/music/2020/09/17/torontos-ebony-wondagurl-oshunrinde-looking-to-reveal-her-own-sound.html","assetId":"ca1f4eda-295f-4ca4-ae9e-26aeda6ab28a","headline":"Toronto’s Ebony ‘WondaGurl’ Oshunrinde looking to reveal her own sound","abstract":"Recently signed to a global publishing deal with Sony/ATV Music and securing her own WondaChild label imprint, the Scarborough native has set her sights on another ambition: mogul. "I'd rather people think we didn't do enough than people [think] like, 'Ah these guys are doing too much.'". And on this album, songs like ‘Still Pray for You’ and ‘Courtside,’ we’ve gone away from it solely being relationship talk. “So I think it would be a disservice for you not to hear about or feel the impact of that.”. ","type":"text","isParagraph":true},{"text":"“Some people are clapping, some are honking; you’re just getting a bunch of different reactions. “Some people are clapping, some are honking; you’re just getting a bunch of different reactions. DVSN performs its sixth and seventh sellouts at the CityView Drive-In this Saturday and Sunday. Nineteen85 is a member of the famous music group Dvsn and has been collaborating with famous singers like Drake etc. To order copies of And in terms of what DVSN and music contribute to Daley’s well-being? “We’ve always been real-life-based, even as far as our relationship talk. Five years ago The Weeknd started the anonymous artist wave so many have jumped on and now the wave is crashing. We’ve donated to this … we’ve been involved with the families and the communities and been affected by these crazy, racially driven cop murders. To order Left my house for the first time in weeks…, A post shared by Nineteen85 (@nineteen85_) on Apr 21, 2020 at 7:09am PDT. Minus music, my life could have and would have probably gone a whole bunch of different ways that wouldn’t be as smiled on. As to whether Nineteen85’s creative pedigree of producing smash hits for Drake — “One Dance,” “Hotline Bling” and “Hold On, “We’re Coming Home” — as well as Nicki Minaj’s “Truffle Butter” and top-selling projects by Travis Scott, Future and Mariah Carey, brings a new dynamic into the DVSN sound, Daley says his partner has always possessed the talent. “It’s tough to keep your spirits up; it’s tough to find just a sense of normalcy, a sense of just peace. So we’re very selective and very strategic about who we put where and how we finish off these records.“. “Normally, our lives would be put in shows: waking up early for radio station interviews, working out, styling, that aspect of it, and performing,” Daley says. We’ve spoken on so many things but, at the end of the day, our gift is music. He attributes public interest in the duo — which has released three albums including the critically acclaimed “A Muse in Her Feelings” — to their reputation as performers, a responsibility shouldered more by frontman Daley than Nineteen85, who positions himself nightly as the sound man. 5th” and “Morning After” projects, and the calamitous experiences of this year will more than likely be reflected on the newer material. We’ve spoken on so many things but, at the end of the day, our gift is music. It gave me a way to stay out of trouble. He curates a playlist for Star Rotation. “I think anything that we go through, we’re going to make a point of getting out in our music,” says Daley. “I already know he’s well capable of pulling off whatever incredible worldwide record he’s done before it even happens.”. Wed., Oct. 7, … Signed to Drake’s OVO Sound, Daley says the creative symbiosis between him and Nineteen85 “is a brotherly thing” and the seeds of how a song actually germinates varies.

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