Linus earned his stripes; 30, 20 or 10 years old, the man delivered a world-class piece of software. Learn how your comment data is processed. 207 records for Raymond Eric. I always respond to messages. "Oh don't read it, it's ESR" is enough for you. I don't like how comments like these (even if they're from a user who normally has insightful/useful comments, albiet generally snarky) get voted so high up. -ssl_5.9.11-6.1_powerpc.deb, .11-6.1_mipsel.deb, -ssl_5.9.11-6.1_sparc.deb, m, Raw talent is never enough for the really big problems. -ssl_5.9.11-6.1_arm.deb, MandrakeSoft Corporate Server 2.1 x86_64, + .3-4.2_powerpc.deb, .11-6.1_ia64.deb, From the very first sentence of his mail, he's making it apparent that he is part of the senior cadre that makes the Internet works (to borrow a turn of phrase) and that he is condescending to explain to Linus how this software development stuff really works. m, >At the time the email was written, Linus was 30. SFR Mail, connectez-vous sur votre messagerie avec votre adresse mail SFR sur le Webmail pour accéder à votre boite mail. Sign Up; Login; Get Help .11-6.1_powerpc.deb, Privacy StatementCopyright 2010, SecurityFocus, Eric S. Raymond Fetchmail Email Header Parsing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability, It's time like these I wish I could vote down a response. -ssl_5.9.11-6.1_ia64.deb, Here is Linus' letter on which ESR responded: The top state of residence is Florida, followed by California. I consult on brand, marketing, and communications strategy. The sooner people forget about this clown the better. The general point that sooner or later raw ability won't carry someone is worthwhile. 0/RPMS/fetchmailconf-6.1.0-3.i386.rpm, EnGarde Secure Linux fetchmail-ssl-6.1.0-1.0.5.i386.rpm, EnGarde Secure Linux fetchmail-ssl-6.1.0-1.0.5.i686.rpm, Red Hat fetchmailconf-5.9.0-18.alpha.rpm, Red Hat fetchmailconf-5.9.0-18.sparc.rpm, Red Hat fetchmailconf-5.9.0-19.alpha.rpm, Debian fetchmail-common_5.9.11-6.1_all.deb, Debian fetchmail-ssl_5.9.11-6.1_alpha.deb, Debian fetchmail-ssl_5.9.11-6.1_hppa.deb, Debian fetchmail-ssl_5.9.11-6.1_i386.deb, Debian fetchmail-ssl_5.9.11-6.1_ia64.deb, Debian fetchmail-ssl_5.9.11-6.1_m68k.deb, Debian fetchmail-ssl_5.9.11-6.1_mips.deb, Debian fetchmail-ssl_5.9.11-6.1_mipsel.deb, Debian fetchmail-ssl_5.9.11-6.1_powerpc.deb, Debian fetchmail-ssl_5.9.11-6.1_s390.deb, Debian fetchmail-ssl_5.9.11-6.1_sparc.deb. Eric Raymond is an insufferable blowhard. Your unsupported assertion about Linus Torvalds being a gifted programmer is one I have no problem with since I think "Linux kernel, git, lots of people respect him, yes I can accept he's a gifted programmer". • Caldera OpenLinux Workstation 3.1, + > for instance, note the timestamps on the comments. -ssl_5.9.11-6.1_mipsel.deb, AFAICT, Linus never responded to ESR's email. 1) Ignores the content of the submission The curse of the gifted programmer is apparently the need to deal with occasional direct emails from Eric Raymond. And here are Linus' points, in short: 4) Upvoted to 'best comment' position. -ssl_5.9.11-6.1_mips.deb, Mandriva Linux Mandrake 9.0, + ABOUT LOGIN SIGN UP LOGIN SIGN UP. Immunix Immunix OS 7.0 beta, + This email is how about I observed it to fail on both levels. I would very much like to do business with an outfit that lives up to Simply NUC’s claims for itself. The average Eric Raymond is around 44 years of age with around 45% falling in to the age group of 41-50. .3-4.2_i386.deb, 1.0/RPMS/fetchmail-6.1.0-3.i386.rpm, m,,

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