In recent decades, the cavalcade of publicity garnered by celebrity pets has led the pet industry to expand, update and personalize merchandise for animals. Supposing the vessel to be exhausted to have already been securely connected to the pump, we now lower the reservoir B so as to reduce the pressure in A sufficiently below the tension in the gas to be sucked in, and, by turning the cock so as to connect A with the vessels to be exhausted, cause the gas to expand into and almost fill A. You'll have a smaller selection to choose from if you're searching for such bold colors, but your shopping options will probably expand. Every leaf originates as a simple cellular papilla (fig 1), which consists of a development from the cortical layers covered by epidermis; and as growth proceeds, the fibro-vascular bundles of the stem are continued outwards, and finally expand and terminate in the leaf. If you already have self-storage facilities and require more room for tenants or for your business's own stock, this would be a perfect reason to expand your company's reach and profits. By 1982, Hattori had established a small workforce of ten employees, and began to expand his business. Practitioners of Taoist yoga expand their spiritual awakening and sense of purpose through focused breathing, movement, and learning. The footbed is nicely padded and the straps will expand with your feet if the weather is hot. Carefully pour the prepared liquid into the container, being careful not to fill it more than half full as the mixture will expand during processing. Make sure your perennials have enough space to expand next year. They must also import cats from outside catteries to expand their breeding lines. Expanding Texts: Effective language-teaching practitioners Penny Ur and Andrew Wright offer the following exercise for forming grammatical sentences by adding words or phrases: "Write a single simple, In Stanley Fish's Sentence-Expanding Exercise, "You start small, with three-word sentences, and after you’ve advanced to the point where you can rattle off their structure on demand, you go on to the next step and another exercise. In the bud stage the whole is orange-red, but as the lower flowers expand they change to soft primrose, the flowers opening from the bottom upwards. The motor homes continued to expand in length, and by the 1990s, models were available in lengths of 25 to 37 feet. The Regeneration Department offers a single point of contact for businesses seeking to establish, expand or relocate in the area. God is in the midst, and each drop tries to expand so as to reflect Him to the greatest extent. By understanding where to place your fingers on the fretboard, you'll expand your comprehension of notes and how chords are developed. Help the toddler manipulate the toy in one small way to help her get closer to what she is trying to do, or expand in one small way in the play she is already attempting. This will tell you which wineries are making the best varietals with that grape, which will help you explore and expand your palate. Since you can purchase additional trays at a later date, this system is easy to expand as necessary. After working in one of Italy's top fashion houses, Armani collaborated with Sergio Galeoletti in 1974 for a design venture in menswear.The success of the company allowed it to quickly expand, and in 1975 a line for women was introduced. The show's name changed its title to avoid any legal issues due to the Nintendo trademark and also to expand the series reach into non-Nintendo video games. Premature infants lack a substance, called surfactant, that permits their lungs to expand and breathe normally. You can consult the Mommy and Me official website for ideas and community programs that can help to expand your child-rearing horizons. In an increasingly global society, studying abroad offers you a chance to expand your knowledge of the world and gain valuable cultural understanding. Homeschooled students in the rhetoric stage can use what they have learned to make decisions in a variety of situations, express that knowledge at an upper level, and use creativity to expand upon that knowledge. Russia plans to expand its share of oil exports over the next 18 months. And this is where the free Wii Channels that are available can help to expand the functionality of the Nintendo Wii beyond just playing games. The thinking was that if they could create a large volume response, they would have a solid base on which to expand their business. They also have throat pleats, which can expand to allow their throat to enlarge into a huge pouch. The history section alone is worth a peek if you want to expand your knowledge movie history, movie posters and the artists who helped to create them. You can build your options if you convince your friends to also create board game libraries, so that you can exchange games and expand your gaming possibilities. These stylish jeans feature an adjustable button out waistband to allow for the correct fit even as your belly continues to expand. While having a secure local market supplying local roofers, the company is looking to expand. Look for opportunities to expand his vocabulary and his world. Doing so can cause buckling and cracking as the panels expand and contract. The badge is a white cross, the arms of which expand and terminate in an obtuse angle; round the cross is a green laurel and oak wreath; the central medallion is red, bearing in gold two crossed swords, the initials of the founder and the date 1855.

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