We will follows the rules. You can see in Formula 2, Formula 3 the talent that we have and will continue. Q: Coming to you Mattia. I hope so! Other tracks we’re going to – Imola, Portimao, we’re going back to Istanbul this year, this improvised calendar has got some great race tracks on it this year. We’ve always had that, we’ve always had that infrastructure from the time it was Jordan. Q: And part two of Adam’s questions is: Mugello is the first of the new circuits we’re going to this year. I think next year, always hoping that the pandemic will be over, going back to a more normal schedule, I think it’s better in general for F1 by not having triple headers, or a maximum of one, and then being more global again would be fantastic, so that we are represented in all the world and then not the majority just in Europe.MB: Guenther already covered all the points. [15] Racing Point will become known as Aston Martin. The noise of the engines was just amazing. And that is where we are. What does his signature mean to the team?OS: Well, we took a bit of time to make the decision between Sergio and Sebastian which just goes to show what a great job Sergio has done for us for the last seven years. It’s also good motivation for all the young teams in France, doing go-karts and junior series, that’s the way is there and let’s continue like this. Any thoughts on the challenge that’s going to provide? These were certainly different tracks where low drag is required. [85], The "Dual-Axis Steering" system developed by Mercedes in 2020 will be banned in 2021. I think that taking pictures, scanning, I do not see any way, anyhow a problem with it. 3 – 5 Jul: Red Bull Ring, Austria Formula 1 Rolex Grosser Preis von Österreich 2020 Average rating: 8.5/10. When the decision is a difficult one, and it hasn't been made, there really isn’t much more that you can say. [71] These rule changes will instead be introduced in 2022. Can you confirm that was the case? We’ve always allowed our drivers to race each other and that’ll be the same in the future. So, we want to build up again, that we are getting back to the results that we had in 2018. That takes a bit more time to think it through: financially, talent, it’s a lot of things coming into play. Teams can be given a range of punishments for exceeding their annual budget which include being deducted championship points, having reduced testing time, a race ban, or—for the most severe cases—disqualification from the championship. Did you get it?OS: Well, we welcome the clarity in the rules, like Mattia said. I think we can do them this year because it is an exceptional year with the pandemic. [1] Each team is required to enter at least two drivers, one for each of the two mandatory cars. [8] Sergio Pérez is set to leave Racing Point as they become Aston Martin at the end of 2020. How confident are you of maintaining that form as we head towards the business end of the weekend.MB: Not at all. Guenther, anything to add?GS: No, nothing to add. As a driver, I think it’s great for Formula 1 that’s Seb’s still part of the line-ups next year because he’s still a four-times World Champion and I think he’s a fantastic driver. Q: (Sandor Meszaros – Autosport es Formula Magazine) Question for Otmar. [78] In the event that a team breaks the financial regulations, the team can be penalised in a combination of three separate ways. OS: We’ve started work on it. Simply that gave us six months’ time – I have to be honest, we asked for a bit more but that was the compromise – we’ve got six months’ time by the end of the year to reallocate people in different jobs. Further changes to the calendar are planned following the disruption to the 2020 championship brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic: The 2021 championship was due to introduce significant changes to the regulations, including the sport's governance and the sporting rules but these were delayed in March 2020 in response to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But I think this track plays a bit more to our strengths than Monza. We are discussing with Ferrari to extend the collaboration and then we are quite close to sign the deal and with Alfa Romeo the same. [a] It is recognised by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the governing body of international motorsport, as the highest class of competition for open-wheel racing cars. He works really hard and we believe with our team and what we want to take it to and the level that we want to get to Seb’s a perfect fit for that and I’m confident that he’ll race well. Pierre himself has said he would be ready but he understands the position is fully out of his hands. Q: Franz, what a race for your team last weekend in Monza. Q: Well, it’s been a great start to the weekend with Max P2 in the first practice session. [90], 72nd running of the Formula One World Championship. I think it is a brand-new circuit for everyone. And if so, is that confirmation that basically the team, because of the ownership, was always going to stick with Lance, no matter what.OS: Lance has been with us for a couple of years. They did very well, Pierre did a fantastic event, but he is improving and it was… I don’t want to say that it was abuse because that he was quali in P9 or something like this but at the end of the day, over the last couple of events he has was improving and he was not miles away from a good event. As you know it’s a back-to-back race. I just want to know from Christian and Franz’s perspective, how have you seen that sort of relationship evolve and what do you see as the advantages going into the new era of having the sister teams rather than senior and junior team and for Fred, do you see yourself becoming more of a sister team to Ferrari, for example, or is it more of a straightforward customer relationship even in the new era?FV: The relationship with Ferrari is like it is and they are supplying parts, engine, gearbox and some other parts and the collaboration on this one is a good one but we are not sharing the same wind tunnel, for example, as some other teams are doing and for sure I think it will probably be an advantage in the future and to have a larger collaboration.CH: Well, obviously the regulations have been clarified very recently as to what is permitted and what isn’t and it doesn’t fundamentally change anything that we’ve been doing with AlphaTauri apart from the fact that we start co-sharing the wind tunnel which makes a great deal of sense.

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