This being an early Elvis Costello jam, it’s not purely about getting a job and joining the dreaded 9-to-5 crowd. For the Nov 3 election: States are making it easier for citizens to vote absentee by mail this year due to the coronavirus. First, everyone in attendance is going to be asking the young man or woman of honor the very question posed in the title, so no one needs Offspring singer Dexter Holland adding his voice to the chorus. Your friends might go off to a new school or job in a different city or state, and though the relationship will always remain close, it'll be bittersweet that you won't get to see them as often as you're used to. And the rest of your life is going to be just as much of an adventure. Graduation marks the end of one chapter of your life and the start of an exciting new one! This content is imported from YouTube. Lots of ‘em. We may earn commission from the links on this page. The title is a bit misleading, as a close reading of the lyrics reveals a rather hopeful song about feeling your way toward a bright, if uncertain, future. Things worked out okay for Patrick Stickles. "Friends" is an upbeat song with a lot of bass, so if graduation's got you down, turn this one up. Among his many achievements, the Titus Andronicus front man has written The Monitor, a critically acclaimed 2010 concept album comparing his 20-something travails to the Civil War. Drake's greatest masterpiece, Take Care, has a song for almost every mood and celebrating, including graduation. So what, Here’s a free idea for Carrie Underwood‘s next quarantine DIY project: An extra shelf to display all her new awards. The Most Relatable Lyrics: "It's like that feeling when you're about to win the medal/ And you worked so hard, that you knew you wouldn't settle/ Hands are in the air, hands are in the air". You're happy that you're moving on to the next step, but at the same time you have to figure out what that next step is. Most relatable lyrics: "You're not alone / Together we stand / I'll be by your side / You know I'll take your hand / When it gets cold / And it feels like the end / There's no place to go / You know I won't give in / No, I won't give in". It is your right and your responsibility. This track is all about saying goodbye, once and for all, to someone you really cared about. “It’s taking me too long for this debt to drop,” sings electro songbird Channy Leaneagh, a young woman well acquainted with adult concerns, “and if it comes to it, I’ll be dancing down the table tops.” This might not be a song about student loans, but collegiate debt has led more than a few young men and women to take jobs involving the shaking of moneymakers, and that’s not the sort of thing moms and dads want to think about. I Gotta Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas. To help you get through all the nerve-racking, totally scary, completely exhilarating moments of graduation, here are 25 songs that capture exactly what you're feeling. The Most Relatable Lyrics: "Is it strange for me to say that if I were to die today / There's not a thing that I would change, I've lived well / Maybe I have made mistakes and been through my fair share of pain / But all in all, it's been okay, I've lived well". Most relatable lyrics: "You and me got a whole lot of history / We could be the greatest thing that the world has ever seen / You and me got a whole lot of history / So don't let it go, we can make some more, we can live forever". "Forever Young" is about taking time to live in the moment. This song is about knowing that you already have all the tools you need to accomplish something and be happy, and those tools include your friends. While the song isn't about Drizzy moving on to the next chapter in his life, the track is still very relatable to every grad who is looking back all they've accomplished and who wish to give a big thanks to those that got them there. Figuring out what you're going to do beyond college is a daunting task, but you definitely are not alone. In her track, "Long Live", she talks about celebrating all the good things that happen, if you least expected it, and looking back all the memories with your close friends with pure happiness. The Most Relatable Lyrics: "And you've given me the best gift/ That I've ever known/ You give me purpose everyday/ You give me purpose in every way". “Graduate,” Third Eye Blind. Today is National Voter Registration Day! Shawn Mendes Says He Grew Closer to Justin Bieber, You Have to Watch Blackpink's New Music Video. Saying goodbye to everyone can be one of the toughest thing about graduation, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. This track really puts into perspective all that's in store in the years to come and makes you cherish the moment you're in. But, after four years of high school or college, no one’s in the mood for a close reading. The Most Relatable Lyrics: "I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance/ Never settle for the path of least resistance/ Livin' might mean takin' chances, but they're worth takin'/ Lovin' might be a mistake, but it's worth makin'". By the time the school year ends, you've made so many good friends, but then there are also quite a few people you won't mind getting far, far away from because, let's be real, high school = DRAMA. It's all about students who are about to go their separate ways after graduation and all the emotions and feels that come with that. So, this song is extra fitting for the day you finally get your diploma. Check them out and add 'em to your playlist as you count down the days until it's time to rock that cap and gown. (You know the one.) The Top Halloween Songs Everyone Can't Get Enough Of. Visit your state election office website to find out if you can vote by mail. Visit the state elections site. And while you're so looking forward to the journey ahead, saying goodbye to the friends and teachers who have been by your side isn't easy. ". The Most Relatable Lyrics: "And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives / Where we're gonna be when we turn twenty five / I keep thinking times will never change / Keep on thinking things will always be the same," Vitamin C sings in the track, which is eternally relatable.". You just love them so much and wish you had more time to walk by them (and not speak) every day. There are so many Paramore songs that would be perfect for this playlist, but Paramore's "Future" is one of the few that talks about a different side of moving on in your life. For your voice to be heard, in most states you must register before you can vote. This Beyoncé track will help get those negative thoughts out of your mind in time to walk across the the stage and get your diploma. "Counting Stars" is about knowing that you want to accomplish something in life, but making it through that in-between process where you're trying to figure out just how you're going to do that. It&, Everyone has their own way of reacting to the global crisis we’re in. The Most Relatable Lyrics: "So just think of your future / Think of a new life / Don't get lost in the memories / Keep your eyes on a new prize". Saying goodbye to school means saying hello to being a grown-ass person, and here’s the thing about grown-ass people: They pay bills. Most relatable Lyrics: "Tonight / We are young / So let's set the world on fire / We can burn brighter / Than the sun / Tonight / We are young / So let's set the world on fire / We can burn brighter / Than the sun". When I'm not holed up in my room going on a completely unproductive Netflix binge or Tumblr stalking Timothée Chalomet, I'm searching for awesome celeb news stories that Seventeen readers will love! PHOTO: COURTESY OF WARNER BROS.; MEMPHIS INDUSTRIES; MOM + POP MUSIC; SONY. For some, graduation is the ability to move on from a place where they've never felt like they've belonged. A mood for when you're graduating from high school. Add this classic party song to your pre-ceremony playlist. Your time at high school has been a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs, but you wouldn't change a moment for the world. Most inspiring lyrics: "Fly / Open up the part of you that wants to hide away / You can shine / Forget about the reasons why you can in life / And start to try / 'Cause it's your time / Time to fly.". Billie Eilish is Hosting a Virtual Concert! They just need a little push to unleash their inner BOSS. When graduation rolls around, you really wish you could just make time stop so that you could stay a higher schooler forever and not deal with all the challenges and complications that come with growing up. Drake's greatest masterpiece, Take Care, has a song for almost every mood and celebrating, including graduation. There are two reasons never to play this at a graduation party. Second, it’s a pretty awful song — an unholy marriage of the Beatles‘ “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” and Simon & Garfunkel’s “Cecilia.”. When you're saying goodbye to all your friends at the end of the year, you just want to know that they won't forget about you and all the amazing times you shared. Believe it or not, there's a hero inside each and every one of us who totally has everything it takes to take on the adult world and all the challenges it has in store. Most relatable lyrics: "Could I have loved someone like the one I see in you / I remember the good times baby now, and the bad times too / These last few weeks of holdin' on / The days are dull, the nights are long / Guess it's better to say / Goodbye to you". This is a buzzkill. It all seems to far off, but it all starts now. Graduation time is the perfect time to make sure your bestie knows that you will always, ALWAYS be there for them, and this track really gets the message across. You're doing an awesome job at fighting off the impending doom that is real life, and then it happens. The song is about believing in yourself and not giving up on your dreams, no matter how hard the road gets. It's literally all about cherishing all you've been able to accomplish with your friends and making sure your friendship lasts forever. “Anything Can Happen,” Ellie Goulding. Sometimes it may not feel like it, but you're literally exploding with potential — like a firework. This song reminds you that even though there will be some bad times, your friends will always be there to push you through it. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. But one thing you can say is that every person you came across in high school, whether it was a good experience or a bad one, played a part in making you the amazing person you are right now. Graduations are right up there with birth, deaths, and marriages. "Something Big" is about that feeling you get when you finally hit the finish line. You don't know what your life will be like when you can't walk by that person in the hallway everyday. Miley Cyrus' track "The Climb" is all about staying strong as you venture out into a challenging new world. Most inspirational lyrics: "Who says / Who says you're not perfect / Who says you're not worth it / Who says you're the only one that's hurting". Most inspiring lyrics: "I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time / Know there was something that meant something that I left behind / When I leave this world, I'll leave no regrets / Leave something to remember, so they won't forget / I was here / I lived, I loved / I was here". Lyrically, the song’s one line, “Ain’t no sleep — we want straight A’s,” is a surefire way to freak out college-bound 18-year-olds already worrying about their GPAs. Though graduation is definitely tear-inducing, it's definitely a time to celebrate, too.

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