To attach another lens hold down the release pop the lens in and turn. Slr lens is designed in a way so that we can change them. Each camera manufacturer uses a different lens mount design. A lens in a camera does the basic function of bringing the subject into focus. Modern lenses look something like this: Each part of the lens serves an important purpose: Filter thread: Lets you attach lens filters to modify light that reaches your camera sensor; Front element: Collects light and bends it to the other lens elements provides protection to the delicate internal parts of the camera. To attach the lens, you line up the lens mount index (see F3) on the lens with the corresponding one on the lens mount and turn the lens clockwise until you hear a click. Lens Mount . 2. As simple as that sounds, there’s a hell of a lot of science that goes into lens design. 1. F3: Lens Mount. This is the section that connects the interchangeable lens to the camera body. A zoom ring is what you turn to. PhotograFeed explains each of these parts in detail, and also provides a neatly labeled diagram of a camera to help you understand them better. Anatomy of a camera lens. Some have changed lens mounts over the decades so older manual camera lenses will not fit … Shutter Release Button‐This is the "trigger" of the camera. If you are looking for a specific lens, you can browse by lens, by lens maker or by lens mount. Camera Lens. The most important part of the camera 3. Any and every camera has some fundamental parts which are very crucial for its functioning. Elements a term used for the individual internal pieces of glass which make up the optics of a lens. 4. The Anatomy of a Lens. The lens mount is a metal area that has been machined into a particular shape to fit a specific camera body type. A lens (here: photographic lens, also known as objective lens or photographic objective) is an optical device through which light is focused in order to form an image inside of a camera either on film or on a digital sensor. When shooting using a viewfinder external light is reduced. Lens‐Lens Assembly is several layers of lenses of varying properties providing zoom, focusing, and distortion correction. A camera lens really only has one job, which is to focus light beams onto your imaging chip.

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