If you experience tree pollen allergies, foods in the related plant family may also cause allergy symptoms in a condition referred to as, 'oral allergy syndrome.' There are many plant allergens – and while we usually associate the flora of the great outdoors with causing allergic rhinitis or hay fever, our indoor friends can be guilty as well. Tree pollen allergies are seasonal, mainly occurring between February and June. “The symptoms remain the same, however, the environmental triggers are different in the spring; common allergens are tree pollen and grass. Tree Pollens Tree Allergy Culprits-For a quick summary of the major species of trees that are causing your spring allergies. “You don’t normally get fever with allergies.” COVID-19 patients may also develop gastrointestinal symptoms and muscle aches and pains, according to the Asthma and Allergy … As some shrubs and trees start releasing pollen as early as January, hay fever can be triggered … Or, if you know what pollen type is causing your allergies… In the fall, its weeds such as ragweed. Dealing With Tree Pollen Allergies Some different actions on your part can help you to deal with tree pollen allergies. Below we have listed and explained several of the most common types of tree pollen that cause hay fever.

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