Luxury red carousel for sale. When clicking the button, the motor can be driven, then the carousel can do a circulating movement with the graceful music. such as giant / big pendulum, speed windmill rides, top spin rides,flying carpet rides. With colorful marine creatures in the underwater, such as prawn, fish, hippocampus and so on, the equipment is very appealing for passengers. | Model: BNVM-16B Musical carousel rides. Capacity: 16 seats | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy At night, there is the colorful LED light as decoration, the rotating carousel can be the beautiful scenery spot, which can catch people’ eyes easily. In Beston, we have equipped the horse with the glass fiber and installed the double security devices, which can ensure riders safety to some certain extent. Do you enjoy playing outside for fun? The ocean merry go round kids outdoor play ride is the most classic kind of carousel ride. Zhengzhou Yueton Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Hotfun Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Letian Playground Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Cheery Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Hangtian Amusement Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Wanle Entertainment Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Legao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Showann Commercial And Trading Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Limeiqi Play Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Shenlong Animation And Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Mantong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Jiami Computer Software Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Yiqun Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Qiangli Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Henan Yamoo Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. Zhongshan G-Look Amusement Machine Co., Ltd. Henan Jiaye Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Hebei Zhipao Amusement Equipment Manufacturer Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Prodigy Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. china mini amusement park ride deluxe carousel supplier, china fun carousel attractions in china supplier. Under the trend background, outdoor carousel has been one of the most popular activities. The outdoor carousel merry go round rides with 12 or 16 seats are medium size commercial outdoor carousel for sale. | Therefore, more diversified amusement areas have been appeared. As for grand carousels, Beston can offer you 48 seat. At present, we have obtained a international sales network involved in Kazakhstan, Russia, Pakistan, India, Korean, Indonesia, Brazil, Jordan, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, etc. Get a Free Quote. Do you want have a relaxed rest after meals? When riding on the horse, you can see the beautiful and ... Amusement park carousel for sale has been popular around the world because of the charming attraction. There are so many carousel manufacturers online because of the popularity of internet. Alipay Product Categories. We have enough confidence in offering customers carousel for sale with high quality and reasonable price. Where to buy a carousel or where can i buy a carousel has been a hot issue appearing online. In our company, we can offer you a variety of themes of carousel for sale, including kiddie carousel, outdoor carousel, indoor carousel,carnival carousel and merry go round carousel,etc. … Carousel Rides; Bumper Cars; Train Rides; Kids Rides. Beston has a better understanding about this situation, we have introduced advanced motors from developed countries, which can bring you a sense of safety. As one of the most leading carousel manufacturers, Beston has tried its best effort to decorate the outdoor carousel. 213683 Ad Placed 04/16/2020 Location. Height: 4.8m Capacity: 24 seats In Beston Company, we supply different kinds of miniature ... Do you have a better understanding about merry go round? On the one hand, this will affect the riders’ mood. In common, carousel is often placed in the amusement park with different themes. We promise the quickest response within 24 hours: * Your Phone Number (Include the area code). Vintage Carousel. After all, kids are fascinated in the fresh things. The carousel ride is also called roundabout, galloper, merry go round and it is a kind of scenery spot in amusement park.

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