For adults. If required more lead shot can be added at a later date. From our smallest pond yacht the Waterbug to our largest vintage Class Racers , each and every yacht is designed to have outstanding sailing performance and incorporate the beauty and style found in the golden age of model yachting. Being of plywood, these parts were all glued together using R/C Modellers Craft Glue, a white PVC glue that has a quick grab time and superb strength. ), T52 Racing Sloop: Big, powerful, fast and fun. Racing Accessories All of the Tippecanoe boats are fun and exciting to race. Please update to the latest version of Firefox. harbors along the coast of British Columbia. 2 sold. The most popular color? Pond Yacht I — $385, includes CNC cut molds, strongback, keelson, planking, fin, and rudder. Complete with four sails and RC gear to sail your boat from shore, When satisfied with the fit, the deck was permanently glued in position, again with 24hr Araldite, while being held together with masking tape and wooden blocks as can be seen in, The cabin and skylights were assembled, all their parts being cut from a sheet of 1.5mm printed plywood using a fresh blade in my Stanley knife and a steel rule to keep the cuts and edges nice and clean. The story of our cruise. For adults. aspect of our kits and boats or we will give you a full refund These can all be seen being held in position by a variety of grips and clamps in Photos 8 and 9. In a light breeze the boat Middle School with Eric Adam Over 50 of the T37 Remote control Includes all of the RC gear, including a drum winch. I used a small balsa type of plane and finished off with sandpaper before varnishing the masts, making sure that all the white metal fittings did actually fit, especially those on the bowsprit, which needs to be removable. If you enjoyed the Bevin’s skiff project last week, we suggest something a little more challenging. The rudder was sanded and shaped to an aerofoil section, and the rudderpost bottom bearing block was the fitted into the bottom of the keel and then the whole assembly was fitted into the hull, The deck is a one-piece section of 1.5mm printed plywood, which requires cutting out from the large printed sheet, but first I found it easier to cut out the superstructure openings first and then the outer deck shape. The model yacht company specializes in buying, selling and restoring vintage model pond yachts and model sailing yachts. Commodore Allan VanNess for many years and now under the capable leadership of Commodore Ron Knight, The PNMYC has brought an active racing Boucher Pond Yacht Kit 1938. About Our Company: Please click here. The rigging cord is supplied in three different sizes, the shroud cord (heaviest weight), standing rigging (medium weight) and running rigging (lightest weight) were all boiled, stained with strong coffee, dried and then waxed. Kit: $965, Finished: $5600. If you enjoyed the Bevin’s skiff project last week, we suggest something a little more challenging. commercial purposes except with express permission from Tippecanoe Due to the nature and shape of the hull it will need to be supported during building. Sailboat Mobile: Colorful mobile that hangs from the ceiling. The original model history is quite interesting as the Moonbeam is based on a … All fittings are of white metal, with wood dowel for the masts. Photo14 is a view from the stern of the r/c installation before the deck was fitted. Yes! Fast Sailing and Windy in 2005 RC Sailboat Regatta and Lots of is included. Saying no will not stop you from seeing Etsy ads, but it may make them less relevant or more repetitive. T Boats and their skippers. The drawings and instructions suggested using a loop system from the sail winch and this is very well detailed, but I decided to use my own method of a separate line from the sail winch to each of the booms. ), T50 Carbon Fiber MOD: Like the T50 MOD, this is an exceptional 50 inch boat. Roast Salmon and lots of Tippecanoe Boats for a fun weekend. Looks like you already have an account! Moonbeam is priced at £245.00 and is available from: Metcalf Mouldings, 1 Wentworth Cottages, Haultwick, Dane End, Nr Ware, Herts, SG11 1JG. Lots and Lots of Fun! Pond Yacht II — $169, includes material to finish the boat other than sails, fittings, and electronics. This simple and relatively inexpensive sailboat kit from Dumas Products is designed so that even younger children can enjoy the creative satisfaction of building a model boat. $3.50. T37 Accessories: Great gift ideas for the skipper who has everything. This kayak is amazingly light weight. ), T50 MOD: This is an exceptional new 50 The white metal fittings are well produced and the instruction manual and set of drawings easy to follow and in my opinion it is great value. +44 (0)1684 311682 (function(){var ml="8oplsa6bD2EmerFCc%f05-4nithkd3. Two rigs are included for light and heavy (Not available for pre-purchase to Pond Yacht I students) Note: This is a six-day course ending Saturday afternoon. The first step and the most important thing is to make a stand for the model. WA 98247 USA phone/fax 1-800-206-0006 She is a fairly large model, overall length 52 inches and a beam of 11 inches, with an approximate displacement of 18lb. Wholesale Accounts: In stores and catalogs T Boats are extremely successful sellers. Want the latest issue of Model Boats? The Fully controllable from shore with ",mi="AM?425GA9CHLAM8A99<<7E0M06DDEF99DC6A99AM:AM?425GA9CHLAM8A99425GAM:AM?A9>425GAM:",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j

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