40. [25][26], Rolling Stone wrote: "With this flawless album, Willie Nelson finally demonstrates why he has for so long been regarded as a Country & Western singer-songwriter's singer-songwriter ... At the age of 39, Nelson finally seems destined for the stardom he deserves". Later, he proceeded with Shotgun Willie. Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. After recording several tracks, Nelson was still not inspired. [20] Several journalist were on hand during the recording, like Ed Ward from Creem, who later commented, "I'd underestimated the professionalism of all concerned, not to mention the core ensemble of musicians themselves, who decided to test the sound of the studio with a spirited version of 'Under the Double Eagle,' which left me awestruck: Willie wasn't only a great songwriter, he was a goddamn virtuoso on that battered Martin guitar of his! Songs are condensed to the essence, seen and traded as individual tunes in a way the fast productions of Nasville usually don't care about. ★★★★★☆ Wow, not much of a country fan but an admirer of Willie Nelsons vocals, I picked this album just earlier today to realize a classic was in my hands. The men shot at the house with .22 caliber rifles. On the spot, I decided that Wexler was my man. [24] It peaked at number 41 on Billboard's album chart and the songs "Shotgun Willie" and "Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer)" peaked at number 60 and 22 on Billboard Hot 100 respectively. If there were slips and flubs, they stayed in. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Willie Hugh Nelson (born April 29, 1933) is an American musician, actor, and activist. When Nelson refused to sign an early extension of his contract with RCA Records in 1972, the label decided not to release any further recordings. anyone knows if it was mastered from analog or digital source? "[17] The album includes Johnny Bush's Whiskey River". [8] Wexler had encouraged Nelson after singing the gospel album to start with the new one, to couple old material with new, and covers. released in 1973. His popularity in Austin soared as he played his own brand of music that was a blend of country, folk, and jazz influences. This is laid-back, deceptively complex music, equal parts country, rock attitude, jazz musicianship, and troubadour storytelling". View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1973 Cassette release of Shotgun Willie on Discogs. 8. [30] School Library Journal wrote: "Willie Nelson differs (from) rock artists framing their music with a country & western facade — in that he appears a honky-tonk stardust cowboy to the core. Nelson and his backup musicians, the Family, were joined by Doug Sahm and his band. Not sure what it was mastered from - but it sounds like digital in a bad way - the highs are grainy and awful sounding - the newly released "Spirit" on vinyl blows this away. Go directly to shout page. One comes to think of Dylan's "Wedding song" from the same year. Introduction of the song "Shotgun Willie", opening track of the album. Nelsons rendition of "A song for you" done with just Nelson and guitar is among the most beautiful versions of this often covered classic. Shotgun Willie was released in June 1973. Shotgun Willie is the sixteenth studio album by Willie Nelson, They play a variety of genres including blues, country, Motown, pop, and classic rock all the way up to and including modern influences such as Kid Rock ! The critical success of the album Shotgun Willie (1973), combined with the critical and commercial success of Red Headed Stranger (1975) and Stardust (1978), made Nelson one of the most recognized artists in, Willie Hugh Nelson (born April 29, 1933) is an American musician, actor, and activist. [14] Nelson later recalled, "Kris Kristofferson told me later the song 'Shotgun Willie' was 'mind farts.' Nelson hired Neil Reshen as his manager, and while Reshen negotiated with RCA, Nelson moved to Austin, Texas, where the ongoing hippie music scene at the Armadillo World Headquarters renewed his musical style. "[10] It became his breakthrough record, and one of the first of the outlaw movement, music created without the influence of the conservative Nashville Sound. The Shotgun Willie band has been performing together for decades. You're going for art. [16] In his book Willie Nelson, Joe Nick Patoski notes the recording of the album "was sloppy and chaotic, technically and artistically uneven, with horns and strings occasionally bumping up against the musical core of Bee Spears, Paul English, Bobbie Nelson, Jimmy Day, and Willie...The music was more country than what was being played on the radio but somehow different. [32] Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote in his review for Allmusic: "Willie Nelson offered his finest record to date for his debut – possibly his finest album ever. Videos. FRI, OCT 9 AT 6:00 PM EDT. Specializing in southern rock, Shotgun Willie are home-grown Michigan boys who have performed all over the nation! The album was recorded in the Atlantic Records studio in New York City in February 1973. 16. "[29] Texas Monthly praised Nelson and Wexler regarding the change in musical style:"They've switched his arrangements from Ray Price to Ray Charles—the result: a revitalized music. Music. referencing Shotgun Willie, LP, Album, RE, R1 7262 Not sure what it was mastered from - but it sounds like digital in a bad way - the highs are grainy and awful sounding - … With 200 of the country’s most gorgeous entertainers and 10,000 sq. The r&b approach to several songs on the album seems to have soaked up the best of Nelson, to have lifted the singer and the songwriter out of the country Willie. When Nelson refused to sign an early extension of his contract with RCA Records in 1972, the label decided not to rel 936 Followers, 780 Following, 1,406 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kristin (@shotgun.willie) Start the wiki. [23] The recording led Nelson to a new style; he later stated regarding his new musical identity that Shotgun Willie had "cleared his throat. All tracks are written by Willie Nelson, except where noted. 5. Austin's burgeoning hippie music scene at venues like Armadillo World Headquarters rejuvenated the singer. Maybe so, but I thought of it more as clearing my throat."[15]. In spite of poor sales, the album received good reviews and gained Nelson major recognition with younger audiences. See All. Of the five cover songs, two are lesser known Bob Wills western swing tunes and two songs Nelson picked from his contomporary college Leon Russell. "[5] In his autobiography Nelson later recalled, ""I'd never heard a record man talk that way. 29. Wexler was interested in Nelson's music, so when Atlantic opened a country music division of their label, he offered Nelson a contract that gave him more creative control than his deal with RCA. In April 1972, after Nelson recorded "Mountain Dew", his final RCA single, the label requested that he renew his contract ahead of schedule, with the implication that RCA would not release any further recordings if he did not sign. He writes and sings with the love and the hurt and the down-to-earth things he feels, and he has a few peers. Soon after Nelson returned home, Warren arrived in his truck with his brothers. Do you know any background info about this album? Nelson was effusive in his praise for Wexler, whose laid-back, encouraging approach was the antithesis of what he had experienced in Nashville in the past: During the recording, there were rumors that there would be appearances by George Jones, Leon Russell, and Kris Kristofferson that ultimately did not happen. The song would become a staple of Nelson’s live show and he would later say, "He knocked me out...I understood how his image – with his crazy stovepipe hat and dark aviator glasses – added to his mysterious allure. He wrote the title song after one of the sessions. He's the same old Willie, but veteran producer Jerry Wexler finally captured on wax the energy Nelson projects in person". Let us know what you think of the Last.fm website. "[18] Shotgun Willie is also significant for containing "A Song for You," written by Leon Russell, a key figure in Nelson’s creative evolution during this period. How sad there only was to be one more album from Nelson on Atlantic records.

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