doi:10.1177/1524839915580941. Reading through methodologies that have been written by past students will give you a good idea of what your finished methodology section should look like. All rights reserved. You do not need to go into great detail, as you will present and discuss your results in-depth within your dissertation’s ‘Results’ section. 1 below. (2009) goes on to identify common research philosophies such as positivism, realism, interpretivism, subjectivism, and pragmatism. Refer to Any Obstacles or Difficulties That You Dealt With, Postgraduate/Master’s Personal Statements. Saunders, M., 2003. However, the main three categories with which research approaches are organised include; qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods of research. We use cookies which you can view and control. It provides the reader with a clear outline of the methods you decided to use when carrying out your research. Figure 3.2-1- Research Onion (Source; Saunders and Tosey 2013). The objective for the methodology is not only to describe the methods that you used for your research. Mujis (2010) defends the use of quantitative research because unlike qualitative research which argues that there is no pre-existing reality, quantitative assumes that there exits only a single reality about a social conditions which cannot be influenced by researchers in any way. In addition to this, the chapter describes the data collection strategy including selection of research instrumentation and sampling. It is through these hypotheses that concepts of the subject of interest will be translated into entities that are rational for a study. Chapter 3 – Dissertation Methodology (example) Disclaimer: This is not a sample of our professional work. Question 8- Of these staff, are most working in or for your consumer facing (B2C) businesses, your commercial or wholesale (B2B) businesses or both? The paper has been produced by a student. H4- Big Data integrating in a company has resulted in competitive significance. What you discuss here will depend largely on your chosen methodology. This could include anything from laboratory equipment used in a scientific experiment to computer software used to analyse the results. The only way that the survey was allowed for a respondent is if they passed a security question which as if they are working for an automobile company in the UK at the time of taking the survey. Simple random sampling is considered the most basic form of probability sampling. This is why the total population of employees in car manufacturers is estimated to 5,250 employees. (2004) believes that web surveys are visual stimulus, and the respondent has complete control with regard to whether or how each question is read and understood. 1. You will also need to demonstrate why you chose to use them and how you applied them. "url": "", Therefore, the current study uses a survey based questionnaire (See Appendix A). This paragraph should be used to evaluate the research you have conducted and justify your reasons for choosing this approach. You might also be interested in these other WikiJob articles: Or explore the Postgraduate / PHD sections. In most cases, you will use quantitative or qualitative research methods, although some projects will benefit from using a combination of both. Lastly, mixed methods research resides in the middle of the continuum as it is able to incorporate elements and characteristics of both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Tips for Writing Your Dissertation Methodology, 4. Simple regression analysis includes only one independent variable and one dependent variable. Remain Focused on Your Aims and Research Questions, 5. For qualitative data, you will need to categorise and code the ideas and themes that are identified from the raw data. The current study chooses positivistic assumptions due to the literature review’s discussion of the importance of Big Data in industrial domains and the need for measuring its success in operations of business. - Choose any deadline This section includes the sampling method used to collect the number of respondents needed to provide information which is then analysed after collection. What Materials and Equipment Were Used During the Research? Below is a dissertation methodology example to show you what information to include: Aims. The chapter closes with a discussion on the analysis tools that will be used to analyse the data collected. Gill and Johnson (1997) add that it will also place a greater emphasis on a highly structure methodology in order to allow for replication for other studies. Choosing your methodology will largely depend on the discipline of the qualification you are studying for and the question your dissertation will seek to answer. Get an experienced writer start working on your paper, Review our samples before placing an order, Hire an Expert Dissertation Chapter Writer. An important component of defining the approach to research involves philosophical assumptions which contribute to the broad research approach of planning or proposing to conduct research. "name": "Research Prospect", Secondary Analysis of Quantitative Data Portfolio Entry. The category of using Big Data analytics for both B2B and B2C comprises of the most agreement of respondents with 72 of 132 indicated so. In this case, it is the executives currently working for automobile companies in the UK. Creswall (2013) stated that research approaches are plans and procedures that range from steps including making broad assumptions to detailed methods of data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Responses were recorded through note-taking as none of the respondents wished to give their consent to be filmed.”. This section describes how research is designed in terms of the techniques used for data collection, sampling strategy, and data analysis for a quantitative method. Each interview lasted approximately 25 minutes. The survey was constructed on Survey an online survey provided website. Included in this are procedures of inquiry or research designs and specific research methods that are used for data collection, its analysis, and finally its interpretation. Survey based questionnaires are often restricted to a representative sample of a potential group that is of the study’s interest. It involves the intersection of philosophy, research designs and specific methods as illustrated in the Fig. For example, if you have chosen to use research methods that are commonly chosen within your area of research or discipline, there is no need to give a great deal of justification or background information.

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