HUD requires that at least 70% of funds used for these programs must benefit LMI individuals. Column headers are the first row in the excel spreadsheet. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Copyright © Customize the report/Help with Accessibility, Alt + Down (On Column header) : Filter menu, G : Column Grab. Watch Video . This award represents LMI’s first contract with this organization since the operational energy … Using left/right arrow keys will re-position the selected column, Up/Down Arrow : To navigate through rows, Spacebar to select the Checkbox (On Column header) : Selects all rows in the table. A household is considered low- to moderate-income (LMI) if they make less than 80% of the area median income. Column headers for the Industry picker grid are as follows. Our leadership team makes this commitment to you: our community, clients, employees, and partners. CDBG-DR funds will also be used for buyouts/acquisitions, rebuilding homes through the Homeowner Assistance Program, and reimbursement of homeowners for out-of-pocket home repairs. Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) ... View and generate a 10-year forecast for employment by industry and occupation for the state of Texas and each of the 28 workforce development areas. As the government fiscal year closes, learn why disclosure of climate-related risk is integral to an agency’s financial reporting, Advancing Intelligence and Homeland Security Missions. In this spotlight, Dustin discusses his expertise as a biomedical engineer and the synergies he sees between LMI and the U.S. Army. LMI and its partners will conduct a future-focused research study that will inform federal regulatory and investment decisions. A household is considered LMI if they make less than 80% of the area median income (AMI). Enter your email address. Filter : The table can be filtered by adding conditions to a filterable column.The filter button brings up a small window, where filter criteria can be included to narrow down the results in that column. Each action to customize has a corresponding keyboard shortcut. Transforming Challenges into Opportunities. LMI is seeking a Human Capital and Organizational Solutions Management Consultant. We blend best practices, lessons learned, and innovation to deliver exceptional mission results that are cost-effective, reliable, and secure. We help military customers manage resources, improve performance and future-proof their operations. To contribute to HUD’s 70% LMI requirement, 51% of the households in the area benefitting from a CDBG-DR funded infrastructure project, such as drainage, street repairs, and water and sewer lines, must be low- to moderate-income. If needed, use the escape key twice to clear your selections. LMI by Category . As an integral member of the Holistic Approach to Logistics and Operations team and executive director of the Fallen Heroes Project, Eric has helped solve some of the government’s most complex problems using big data in new and innovative ways while supporting charitable organizations. Staffing Patterns