AbeBooks.com: The Front Runner: A Novel (9780964109964) by Warren, Patricia Nell and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices. How COULD she know and understand so well what I felt? How is it that a female story teller so adeptly delved into the emotions and mind of gay men? Too bad it didn't happen. 20 Anv. I laughed when Harlan set a seven-minute pace on the way to the clearing where they FINALLY made it. Wildcat Press presents the 20th Anniversary Edition. Along with its sequels, each just as brilliant, TFR is a landmark book that is a celebration of the gay & lesbian community. I saw the cover art on the first paperback edition (not the current cover art, but certainly not "lurid" either) and I SNATCHED up the book. This book is an exquisitely written piece of literature, tracing track coach Harlan Brown's life, and his love for a young athlete, Billy, all the way the Olympics. I (like so many others) first read this book when I was 18 years old. Harlan Brown is an ex-Marine and a track coach. Seller Inventory # M0964109964, More information about this seller Please verify cost before checkout. Wildcat Press, 1996. I skipped forward and read more. The sudden discovery that I could be like Billy; that if I grew up and become the kind of man Ms. Warren described in Harlan (faults and all) it would be ok, was (to put it mildly) a revelation. Seller Inventory # DADAX0964109964, Book Description Condition: new. Patricia Nell Warren's depiction of two gay athletes in the 1970s is filled with so much that's positive about being gay: Harlan and Billy form a strong, monogamous relationship and don't hide it from the rest of the world. The Front Runner: A Novel by Patricia Nell Warren and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com. Dust Jacket Condition: new. First published in 1973, The Front Runner has been translated into a number of languages, and has sold over ten million copies worldwide. Harlan has only recently come out and is trying to deal with his feelings and jealousies along with his memories of the past and society. Read it, and you will know why this book has enjoyed such huge popularity over the years. book. Condition: new. From U.S.A. to Canada, Book Description Wildcat Press, 1996. It's a world that I found very intriguing and want to learn more about.This is a remarkable book, one that should be read by everyone, gay and straight. Be warned though, I haven't met a single person who has been able to put this book down once started. He agrees to coach the three boys under strict conditions that thwart Billy's growing attraction for his mature but compelling mentor. Shipping prices may be approximate. This description may be from another edition of this product. A tough, lonely ex-Marine of 39, Harlan has never allowed himself to love another man. Certainly a fine book, but not quite as fine as The Front Runner." Condition: New. Directed by Jason Reitman. Once they admit their feelings, they form a strong, positive relationghip face together the fear and hatred of the athletic world and society, determined to give Billy his shot at a gold medal.First published in 1974, this became a national bestseller. I ran 20 or more miles every day and so that little touch of my own world, that instant of wry humor just as they were about to "do it" made the book even MORE real for me.) Wildcat maintains that we are all one community regardless of race, creed, or sexual orientation, and that tolerance brings understanding and acceptance. I could SEE Billy and Harlan, and I could SEE that clearing! In 1987, U.S. Published by Thriftbooks.com User , 20 years ago. Warren was a long-distance runner herself and draws from her experiences to give a realistic view of the amateur sports world, especially when it comes to the politics of jsut being able to compete. A remarkably honest protrayal of a gay relationship. In 1975, coach Harlan Brown is hiding from his past at an obscure New York college, after he was fired from Penn State University on suspicion of being gay. Dust Jacket Condition: new. But when Coach Brown finds himself falling in love with his most gifted athlete, he must combat his true feelings for Billy or risk the outrage of the entire sports world - and their only chance at Olympic gold. The two of them together make a great and very realistic couple.While it is a gay novel, it's also a sports novel. Warren’s novels have also sold heavily to libraries and are used in numerous college courses. Paperback. This book is a superbly crafted work. He lost a wife, a family, and yes it would be easy to say he should never have gotten married and cheating on his wife...through Ms. Warren's words, we see the pain and confusion that his sexual identity has caused him. First published in 1973, The Front Runner has been translated into a number of languages, and has sold over ten million copies worldwide. Condition: New. Seller Inventory # thinkBE_0964109964, Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory # M-0964109964. 20 Anv. First published in 1974, The Front Runner raced to international acclaim - the first novel about gay love to become popular with mainstream. They tackle many issues that gay men and women are struggling with today: gay marriage, children, gay rights. "Newman wants to do it, and he's gonna play Harlan." I read this book from cover to cover three times that week. | Contact this seller, Book Description Wildcat Press, 1996. US$ 1.77 Established in 1993, the dynamic independent publisher has released both past and present bestsellers, winning it critical acclaim. "About this title" may belong to another edition of this title. Harlan, the track coach at the center of the book, has paid some tough prices for coming out as a gay man. Dedicated to furthering free speech, Wildcat Press has been one of the plaintiffs for the ACLU in several recent landmark lawsuits, two of which went to the United States Supreme Court. Condition: New. The Front Runner: A Novel [Paperback] Warren, Patricia Nell. Senator Gary Hart's presidential campaign is derailed when he's caught in a scandalous love affair. "synopsis" may belong to another edition of this title. Reading this book gave me a much needed change in my worldview. The lean, graceful front runner with gold-rim glasses sees directly into Harlan's heart. Click on the price to find out more about a book. And, if you get to the end of the book, and you haven't shed tears, I would be tempted to say that you need to be checked for emotions! It is not until he is into his 40s that he finds he can be out and lead a life deserving in respect & love. Patricia Nell Warren is the landmark author of some of the most popular gay novels of all time. Each of her books has been a milestone in America’s understanding and acceptance of GBLT themes. The Front Runner is a love story involving an athlete and his coach that was the first positive portrayal of gay life to reach #1 on the New York Times bestseller list in 1974. Current titles include, The Front Runner, Billy’s Boy, Harlan’s Race, The Fancy Dancer, The Beauty Queen, One Is The Sun, and The Wild Man. Billy Sive is a brilliant young runner who is homosexual and doesn't mind who knows it. Harlan's coaching life is thrown into turmoil when three young track athletes, kicked out of another university for their openness about their sexuality, want to join his team. Like, lost a partner and a dozen or two friends to AIDS, got diagnosed with it myse Let this be a lesson to those reading reader comments. I remember the rumors that "The Front Runner" would be made into a major motion picture. 0964109964 - The Front Runner: a Novel … Until I found this book, all I knew about being gay was a few brief glimpses I'd caught of truly ugly porn, what I'd heard from my father's pulpit, and a boy in my highschool (whom I avoided like the plague) who had pink hair and a sexy (and unfortunately, swishy) walk. Imagine my astonishment when I found "The Front Runner" in a mainstream bookshop in Oklahoma City! Wildcat Press, 1996. Published by Thriftbooks.com User , 22 years ago. Billy is calm, confident, knows who and what he is and is determined that no one is going to keep him from what makes him happy. Published by Thriftbooks.com User , 16 years ago. This is considered by many (myself included) to be the classic gay love story. It was incredible, and it was DEFINATELY the positive influence that I needed in 1976. Standing between the book racks, I read the first page. Seller Inventory # MBSN0964109964, Book Description Wildcat Press. Condition: New. You can either run and hide from it, or you can stare it down, be happy with yourself.I also liked the characters. Shipping: Ms. Warren used her descriptive powers and a truly warm honesty to draw us into this story like few others before or since. Paperback. The novel also handles the societal negatives regarding homosexuality with much humanity and empathy. Condition: new. The classic novel from award winning author Patricia Nell Warren. Harlan Brown is a tough, conservative track coach hiding from his past at a small college. This book is an exquisitely written piece of literature, tracing track coach Harlan Brown's life, and his love for a young athlete, Billy, all the way the Olympics. He and his two comrades, Vince Matti and Jacques LaFont, were just thrown off a major team for admitting they are gay. Harlan knows that, with proper training, Billy could go to the '76 Olympics in Montreal.

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