Transcend; Transcending; Transcended; Transcends; 1. The secret of life is to transcend. Benson for once found the reality transcend the ideal he had formed. See more. High quality example sentences with “that transcend generations” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Compound-Complex sentence, as the name suggests is a combination of combination of Compound and Complex sentence. Examples of Transient in a sentence. Transcend definition, to rise above or go beyond; overpass; exceed: to transcend the limits of thought; kindness transcends courtesy. Meaning: [træn'send] v. 1. go beyond 2. go beyond. Some of these experiences, such as how to handle fire, The practice of signs entails the possibility to, The outcome is a lively new coterie of civic buildings that confound and, How otherwise should this carver feel himself entitled to, I confess that I am partial to these wild fancies, which, And, should some phenomenon of nature or providence, Yet in reality those personal interests of the moment so much, As somebody has said, phenomenal knowledge cannot. Transcend definition: Something that transcends normal limits or boundaries goes beyond them, because it is... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples . 2. It may transcend humanity, but it springs from humanity. transcend in a sentence As the same limit is applied by him to all transcendent rational " ideals," and especially to those which refer to the content of the notion of the world, and, like all psychological and ontological "ideals," belong to the imaginary transcendent, his conclusion is that reason, in transcending experience, logically conceives " ideals," but never logically infers corresponding realities. We know that a Compound sentence is formed by joining two independent clauses and a Complex sentence is formed by joining an independent clause with a subordinate clause. | (transitive) to surpass, as in intensity or power; to excel. Synonym: exceed, go past, overstep, pass, surpass, top. Therein no fairy's arm can transcend it. Definition with Examples. And they transcend my will? A truce between nations The Olympic ideal of international sport transcending politics has been … 5. If you are a transient person, you never remain in one place for too long. The transient storm passed through our town rather quickly. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Transcend | Transcend Sentence. 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