We really are trying to inform the crew comprehensively and immediately when there are new developments.". Known by the locals as Germany’s Medieval miracle, Regensburg’s the perfect stop-in for German sausages and architecture dating back to the 11th century. TUI Cruises is a German cruise line, which is well known for its popular theme cruises. The Mein Shiff 6, operated by TUI Cruises, departed from Heraklion in Crete on Sunday with all passengers having tested negative before boarding. However, on April 30 one of the people on board tested positive for COVID-19 and the ship became a quarantine zone. DW asked Ulf Sonntag from NIT, the Institute for Tourism and Spa Research in Northern Europe. Affiliates Legal notice | Crew members have difficulty keeping a distance when they line up for food or cigarettes. "It is fair to say the company is normally very good at communicating, but it's broken down. After sending all passengers on its vessels home by March 23, the company brought the crew members from several ships together on Mein Schiff 3, with the idea of moving them all to Germany from where the company would repatriate them. From less than a week to 2 weeks plus we've got great cruise holiday options for you to choose from. Travel Money DW has seen one employee's bank transfer. Some crew members were flown home on Friday. those parts will not be ATOL protected. It has been several weeks since the 2,900 crew members on board the cruise ship Mein Schiff 3 have seen anybody from the outside world. TUI Cruises. This website will provide you with information on the protection that applies in the case of each holiday and travel service offered before you make your booking. Before you leave, you’ll be able to snap some pictures of its gold-gilded, Baroque-style organ and altar, as well as its Sistine Chapel-style ceiling. The company said a second round of tests were held on board and half of the crew found positive earlier had since tested negative. It added the changing circumstances made it more difficult to get concrete information to pass to staff. | Mobile version, Germany's coronavirus travel restrictions: What you need to know. TUI Group Media Centre Cookies Notice See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. Weltenburg Abbey’s one of the oldest monasteries in Bavaria, dating back to the 6th century. Most information we find out between each other or online.". Multiple people on the ship say the atmosphere now is calmer, and the boat's operator, TUI Cruises, has been arranging for more workers to leave. "They brought us to the ship as they said it would make repatriation easier," they said. "Life is really boring, the best I can compare it with is a prison," one male crew member summarizes for DW. "We know how unsatisfactory that is at times for crew members. The overwhelming emotion from crew members is disappointment at TUI's handling of the case. ATHENS (Reuters) - A cruise ship carrying about 920 passengers was expected to dock at Piraeus port near Athens, after 12 of its crew members tested positive for the coronavirus, an official at Greece’s Civil Protection agency said on Monday. But sample tests on 150 crew members out of a total of 666, detected 12 infections. Today, you’ll wander around its grounds on the bank of the Danube River, and sample some of its authentic beer. "We are frustrated with many things, starting with the contracts that were changed to basic wage," says the member of the housekeeping team. Contact us. The other 2,900 people on board were left to mill about the 300-meter-long (984-foot) ship. When confronted with the crew's complaints, TUI Cruises emphasized staff had been moved to a union-agreed contract and that only 50 members of the crew were receiving room and board alone. That unhappiness is also visible on parts of the ship. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. (04.05.2020), Where will we travel to when it is safe to do so again? They and another crew member reported to DW that they received less than the basic wage amount. The 12th-century Stone Bridge is also worth seeing. The crew still has many questions. “They are all asymptomatic,” the civil protection official said. Privacy Notice The Foreign & Commonwealth Office and National Travel Health Network and Centre have up-to-date advice on staying safe and healthy abroad. Credit card fees TUI Cruises says it does not know how the virus got aboard. Crew members showed their frustration in the reception area of TUI's Mein Schiff 3, Another crew member, from housekeeping, wrote something similar. It’s been operating since 1050, making it one of the oldest in the world. "Our normal contracts are 'frozen,'" they write, "so money that I earned, I might get it in September, or next year, or not at all. Michael Altenhenne contributed to this report. And all of our holidays are designed to help you Discover Your Smile. "The crew is visibly unhappy.". The group wishes the EU would consider doing the same. Riu Robinson TUI Magic Life TUI Blue Cruises. "I'm just worried like rest of us what will happen with money and in the future.". Read more: Germany's coronavirus travel restrictions: What you need to know. In financial year 2019, TUI Group recorded turnover of around €19bn and an operating result of €893m. TUI told DW in a statement that shifting circumstances because of COVID-19 had changed their evacuation plans and sometimes slowed information channels. You’ll kick things off with an hour’s drive through Germany’s bright-green countryside to a pebbly U-bend in the Danube. And be sure to visit the 900-year-old Historic Sausage Kitchen, which is said to be one of the oldest restaurants in the world. Then visit the only Gothic cathedral in Bavaria – its pair of ornate spires will earn you a lot of likes on social media. Pictures show holes in the reception area's ceiling and front desk and a crack on the plastic screen placed in front of staff, where individuals lashed out in frustration. Please see our booking conditions for information, or for more information about financial protection and the ATOL Certificate go to: www.caa.co.uk. Discover Weddings People have not found social distancing on the ship easy. In total nine crew members have tested positive for the virus. You’ll head to the abbey’s brewery for a tour and tasting session. First Choice Discover Lakes & Mountains One was taken to the Helios Klinik in Cuxhaven, the rest self-isolated on the ship, and all are now symptom free. Facebook.com/FCOtravel, More information is available by checking /destinations/info/travel-aware. Google Play Store TUI Group is the world’s number one tourism business: 1,600 travel agencies, 6 airlines with around 150 aircraft, over 300 hotels with 214,000 beds, 14 cruise liners "No more theater or DJ on the pool deck, no more alcohol, no cabin hangouts, no groups allowed, but not all are respecting this." Contact The brewery specialises in dark German lager, which is renowned for its smooth, malty flavour.

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