We value your insights and hope to continue providing you with a great experience. Easy access once you have your login info, Sometimes hard to access the top bar options w-2 and such. Most existing Pall housings can be upgraded to coreless technology on-site. We have been using Ultipro for about 4 years, and it works great. Our benefit enrollment process has moved from an Excel enrollment form to an online enrollment that feeds directly into the payroll system once approved. I can save my favorite links and easily get to where I need. In addition, the company truly cares about customer feedback - and works to implement solutions quickly. We have just sent you a verification email. The levels range from the beginner to more complex detailed positions. We're thrilled to hear you enjoy our business analytics features. If you have any additional insights you would like to provide, feel free to reach out to feedback@ultimatesoftware.com. Ease of use, customer service, great company! So that label project should have included those label changes in BI. However, in the end this is saving enormous amounts of time. Filter media made using inert, inorganic fibers bonded into a tapered pored structure ensure high particle removal efficiency, maximum dirt holding capacity, consistent filter performance and extended service life. Here’s a scenario: UltiPro shows an announcement for Open Enrollment and a link to read more (from another website, for some reason). Overall I would say it is relatively user-friendly and only took me a few days to get navigate the system on my own. We switched to UltiPro from ADP in 2010 and it was difficult to make that transition. I like the standardized report ,and the freedom to edit the names and modify them to fit our business need is priceless. Another good tool when learning where to locate all of the information. It is fairly easy to use. Have great retention tools for ongoing customers. The most important thing that UltiPro offered to me was the ability to customize my 'favorite' links to allow the user interface to fit my exact needs. Everything that goes into Ulti - we have to report on. Tax recon can be a bit cumbersome, but manageable. UltiPro is the primary UI that I use to access all my personal work information. fourth.com connected. It is hard to sort through all of the pages past initial launch ones. This has only come up a few times, when I've wanted to request unpaid time off but the layout only suggests that I can take paid time off. The compensation module is clunky and so is the time management. We have had a favorable overall experience with UltiPro since going live in October 2016. Quality of troubleshooting depends on the person you get first on Rapid Response or your Rollout Team, so 50% of the time, it's great, and 50% of the time it's sub-par. This is actually my second company I've used Ultipro for (I know how did I do this again) so I am very familiar at this point with the system and it still is very hard to use or remember the pathways to get to things, because it is so convoluted for admins. The GREAT thing is that every month Ulti is rolling out new features and updates to this module. Coreless versions weigh up to 60% less than comparable elements with metal end caps and cores. Problem is that WE, the builders, don't usually know how the other team will build their system so often times they don't talk well. We have a lot of HR users in our locations that are resistant to change, but we have been able to prove to them what Ulti can do for them and the time it can save. The system is easy to use for all levels at the company and are pleased with the products they offer. Looking forward some day to upgrading that to your Prime Benefits. Information on different pages is presented clear as well. UltiPro provided the best product to meet our specific needs and overall best value; in addition, customer service and training are far superior to what other vendors were offering. Assigned help along the way, so you knew who your person was. Terrible, you're so frustrated with their system and the employees you talk to don't seem to care, but boy do they love their jobs. The UltiPro user interface is intuitive,easily customizable ,easy to navigate and i have been impressed with how UltiPro has continuously improved over the years ,with new features being added regularly. The load times and menus for initially finding information are fast to navigate. Some of those elections can be made in UltiPro, which is brilliant because I don’t have to learn how to use a whole new system. As a user - The categories are pretty easy to find - and labeled well so that you know what you're going to find under each category. No ability to track positions (vacancies) unless you are actively recruiting. The overall experience with this software and company have been very good, with some room for improvement. If you need a new HRIS system, UltiPro should be on your list! The Ultipor III filter media features a unique tapered pore design, that can reduce operating costs while offering maximum particle retention. It can seem a bit... redundant at time. You can even get notifications that what you do is taken care of as a user and as an administrator. Pall Coreless Ultipor® III elements are incinerable because they are manufactured without metal components. ". Using Ultipro has made time and pay management easy and understandable for me. The element structure includes O-ring seals, corrosion resistant end caps and a rugged metal inner core. The functionality is great if you know how to enable it and use it. Cost and Customer Service provided were the main factors of our decision. I do see you have some concerns and just wanted to let you know I have shared them with the team to help us improve. What I like least about the software is that I lost wages due to a glitch in the system. The system helps me do my job and become a more efficient HR member. We are able to centrally manage almost all aspects of employees through this powerful application, virtually eliminating the need for spreadsheets and other documents used to track employees. The user experience is easy to navigate and they are constantly adding new features. Import and Export integration. In the Learning Center Online, there is an abundance of course and previously recorded webcasts for you to learn from. Our company had roughly 700 employees and it was great to have the open ability to make, implement and change approval processes on the fly. When identified in these reports we partner with these teams share the info with the leaders and are able to turnaround the turnover in that area we are experiencing.

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